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Monday, August 7

7:30am EDT

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LeSS without Scrum (Yi Lv) Wekiwa 1&2 Welcome to the Matrix: Creating Organizational Structures that Effectively Support Agile (Doc List) I1POPULAR Introduction to Agile: The Genesis (Paul Hammond) Wekiwa 3&4Popular To Estimate AND Not To Estimate - going beyond #NoEstimates (Audacious Salonnaire) Suwannee 11&12POPULAR Agile Coach Scorecard Anti-pattern or Opportunity ? (James Gifford) H3POPULAR Following Your Fear: How to do the things you've always wanted to do (Todd Charron) I4POPULAR The Introverted Facilitator's Survival Guide (Oluf Nissen) Wekiwa 9&10POPULAR The Things We Don't Say: How Biased Language Crafts Culture (Ash Coleman) H2Popular How to Fail Your TDD Rollout: A Train Wreck Story (Chris Edwards) H1 Sustainable Legacy Code Refactoring: A Systematic and Stepwise Approach (Amr Noaman) Wekiwa 7&8Popular As a whirlwind through the Microsoft DevOps Landscape (Jesse Houwing) Wekiwa 6 DevOps Performance Measurement: A Foundational Element For Building High-Trust Cultures (Dennis Ehle) H4POPULAR Viewing The Organization as Complex Adaptive System-An Approach To Enhancing Agility (Sunil Mundra) F1POPULAR 4 Characteristics of Good Goals (Christopher Avery) I3Popular The Leadership Circle: An Agile Framework for Leadership Development (Peter Green, Mike O'Connor) I2POPULAR Who are the People in Your Agilehood? (Matt Anderson) F2 Beyond the Underpants Gnomes: Why Kanban Stalls and How to Restart It (Cheryl Hammond) F3Popular Stalwarts - Ron Jeffries & Chet Hendrickson (Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson) Wekiwa 5POPULAR How Machine Learning Will Affect Agile Testing (Paul Merrill) F4

11:00am EDT

11:30am EDT

12:00pm EDT

1:30pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Making the Change: Going Agile at the Department of Labor (Joey Spooner) Wekiwa 1&2Popular Wipeout! Make *New* Mistakes (Bernie Maloney) F2 Creating an Environment for Successful Agile Teams (Esther Derby) Wekiwa 3&4POPULAR The Silence Experiment: Making Products without Words (Part 1) (Audacious Salonnaire, Audacious Salonnaire) Suwannee 11&12 Overcoming Resistance: How to Engage Developers in Agile Adoption (David Frink) H2POPULAR Make the agile transition work! And what HR can do to support it… (Maike Goldkuhle) H3Popular Agile Product Ownership: Do the Right Things, Not Everything (Ellen Gottesdiener) F1POPULAR Getting a Proposal Accepted at Agile2017: A Collaborative, Agile Approach (Skylar Watson, Jeff Langr) F4 'Failure' As Success In An Agile World: The Mindset, The Methods & The Landmines (J. Paul Reed) Wekiwa 6POPULAR DevOps: an adoption model based on Maslow's Hierarchy (Nicolas Paez) Wekiwa 9&10POPULAR Designing Business Outcomes #noprojects (Evan Leybourn) H4POPULAR Intentional Architecture: Practices for Sustainable Development and Delivery (Rebecca Wirfs-Brock) Wekiwa 7&8POPULAR Getting Real without Getting Fired — Saying things in a way people can hear (Allison Pollard, Marcus King) I4POPULAR Measure Learning with a Dojo Dashboard (Jason Tice) I1 Training from Outside the Room (Marian Willeke, Scott Marsee) I2 The Agile PMO: six things you need to nail (Joshua Arnold) F3POPULAR Stalwarts - Stephen Denning (Stephen Denning) Wekiwa 5POPULAR 7 Sources of Waste in Automated Testing and How To Avoid Them (Jonathan Rasmusson) I3POPULAR Evolving Your Testing Strategy: Mapping Now, Next, and Later (David Laribee) H1

2:45pm EDT

3:15pm EDT

3:45pm EDT

Drama Geek: How Eating Pretend Ice Cream Made Me a Better Scrum Master (Cass Van Gelder) Wekiwa 1&2POPULAR Business Agility - Value Based Planning (Kimberly Scribner, Jeff Howell) F3POPULAR How to be a Great Agile Product Owner - Lowell Lindstrom (Lowell Lindstrom) Wekiwa 3&4POPULAR The Silence Experiment: Making Products without Words (Part 2) (Audacious Salonnaire, Audacious Salonnaire) Suwannee 11&12 Working Through Stressful Conflict (Mike Lowery, Caroline Sauve) Wekiwa 7&8POPULAR Hello? Is there anyone there? How to engage with distributed teams. (Samantha Laing, Karen Greaves) I2POPULAR Only Responsible Leaders Can Collaborate in a High-Functioning Team (Ronica Roth, Christine Hudson) H3POPULAR Introduction to Assumptions Mapping (David Bland) I3POPULAR Create Software Quality (David Bernstein) H4 Onboarding with the Mob (Sheldon Fuchs, Ravdeep Sekhon) Wekiwa 6 AppSec from the Trenches: Practical Application Security for an Agile and DevOps world (Abhay Bhargav) F2 Enterprise Discovery: From Clouseau to Columbo, Understanding Large Organizations (Thomas Perry, Marcelo Camozzato) H1 Leveling Up at Scale: How to find your target and aim for it! (Steve Holyer) I1Popular Shift your Blind Spots to Bling Spots for Agile Success! (Jake Calabrese) H2POPULAR Sketching outside the box: Visual thinking for teams (Angie Doyle, Talia Lancaster) Wekiwa 9&10POPULAR Cost of Delay for Dummies - What's the value of NOT doing work? (Jenny Swan, Joshua Rowell) I4POPULAR Stalwarts - Dean Leffingwell (Dean Leffingwell) Wekiwa 5POPULAR Pairing: The Secret Sauce of Agile Testing (Jess Lancaster) F4 Adapting Information Architecture for Lean and Agile Teams (Rob Keefer) F1

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7:00pm EDT

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