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Tuesday, August 8

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The final frontier; Aligning the enterprise's direction and your crew's efforts (Sean Barrett)POPULAR Wekiwa 1&2 Holistic Agile: Developing the Future Agile Company (Robert Woods, Tony Shawver)POPULAR F3 Continuous Delivery Explained (Rachel Laycock)POPULAR Wekiwa 3&4 Polarizing Topics (Audacious Salonnaire, Audacious Salonnaire) Suwannee 11&12 Surviving Backdraft (or How to Not Die in a Hellish Explosion of Dysfunction) (Adam Weisbart)POPULAR I2 Art for Agilists - A Visual Thinking Warmup (Alexandra West) H4 High Performance via Psychological Safety (Joshua Kerievsky, Heidi Helfand)POPULAR I4 Design Thinking about Design Thinking (Dan Fuller)POPULAR Wekiwa 6 How to Find The Real Need with Socratic Questioning (Kent McDonald, Heather Mylan-Mains)Popular H1 Mob Programming for Continuous Learning (Michael Clement) H2 A Better, Faster Pipeline for Software Delivery (Gene Gotimer) F4 Everything You Wanted to Know About DevOps But Were Afraid to Ask (Claire Moss)POPULAR Wekiwa 7&8 I love the smell of DATA in the morning (Getting started with Agile Data Science) (Troy Magennis)POPULAR I1 LACE - drinking our own champagne (Deema Dajani)Popular Wekiwa 9&10 Give Control, Create Leaders... teaching “bosses” to be leaders. (Adam Yuret)POPULAR I3 Hands-On Flow Metrics (Peter Kananen)Popular H3 Think Big, Plan Small: How to Use Continual Planning (Johanna Rothman)POPULAR F1 Stalwarts - Arlo Belshee (Arlo Belshee) Wekiwa 5 DESIGN ISN'T THE DESIGNER'S RESPONSIBILITY (Emma Carter) F2 Agile Alliance Initiatives Panzacola G1 Agile Alliance Lounge Open Panzacola G1

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Sensemaking Applications for Agile: Combining Qualitative & Quantitative Metrics (Daniel Walsh)Popular Wekiwa 1&2 Transforming CA Technologies Marketing through Agile Marketing at Scale (yuval yeret) F3 DevOps Explained (Richard Seroter)POPULAR Wekiwa 3&4 What would it take for us to move from 'technical debt' to 'technical health?' (Part 1) (Audacious Salonniere)POPULAR Suwannee 11&12 Wellness and Agile Coaching: Why does this thing we love hurt so much? (Michael de la Maza)Popular H3 High-performance Teams: Culture and Core Protocols (Richard Kasperowski)POPULAR I1 The Product Organisation - The missing piece of the Agile jigsaw (Chris Matts, Tony Grout)POPULAR I2 Why and how we are moving beyond the Product Owner Mindset at Riot Games (Michael Robillard, Ahmed Sidky)POPULAR H4 Changing the Mindset : A LEGO based Workshop on using TDD as a Problem Solving Technique (Deepak Kumar Gupta)Popular Wekiwa 7&8 developerGreatness++; (David Haney) F2 So You Want To Go Faster? (Daniel Davis) H2 Advancing from global processes to a fit-for-purpose, human “SW development system” (Hendrik Esser, Jonas Wigander) F1 Making 'agiLE' Work: Agile in the Large Enterprise (Candase Hokanson)POPULAR Wekiwa 9&10 Facilitating Success Without Unicorns (Jason Kerney)POPULAR H1 Deliberate practice at the fluent edge: promoting goal-directed learning for Agile teams (Adam Light, Diana Larsen) I3 Investment Optimization with Active Portfolio Management (Chris Espy, Linda Cook) I4 Portfolio Management In An Agile World (Rick Austin)POPULAR Wekiwa 6 Stalwarts - Kupe Kupersmith (Kupe Kupersmith) Wekiwa 5 Stop Building Bad Software - Solving the Right Problems and Creating the Right Products (Garren DiPasquale, Matt Wallens) F4

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Bridging Mindsets: Creating the PMI Agile Practice Guide (Mike Griffiths, Johanna Rothman)POPULAR Wekiwa 1&2 Agile Development Practices Explained - Scott Densmore (Scott Densmore)Popular Wekiwa 3&4 Imposter Syndrome: Innovation Killer Among Us? (Part 1) (Audacious Salonniere)POPULAR Suwannee 11&12 Shu Ha Ri: Creating Your Coaching Journey (Bernie Maloney)POPULAR F2 It's All About Me!®: Owning Your Behavior, Improving Your Team (Doc List)POPULAR I1 Why the tech industry needs all kinds of minds and how to support them. (Sallyann Freudenberg) I4 Build Better Backlogs Using Behavioral Design (Chris Shinkle)POPULAR F3 Professionalism and Ethics in Software: Entering Uncharted Territory (Sean Dunn, Chris Edwards) F1 Which Development Metrics Should I Watch? (Gene Gotimer)POPULAR Wekiwa 7&8 CANCELLED: DevOps Transformation: The next step in Agility (Taghi Paksima) H3 The Story of LeSS (Bas Vodde)POPULAR I3 How to go from Zero to Sixty in 19 years - Accelerated learning on the path to Agile (Woody Zuill)Popular H4 Permission, Trust, and Safety (Ashley Johnson, Tim Ottinger)POPULAR I2 CANCELLED: Adaptive Learning: Leveraging Action Learning to Realize Holistic Org. Agility (Michael Hamman) Wekiwa 9&10 Kickstart Your Agile Transformation with a Videoscribe (Laurens Bonnema, Evelien Roos) H2 Solving the PMO Paradox (Jesse Fewell, Kim Brainard)POPULAR H1 Stalwarts - Linda Rising (Linda Rising)POPULAR Wekiwa 5 Acceptance Criteria for Data-Focused User Stories (Lynn Winterboer)POPULAR Wekiwa 6 UX in Agile: Introducing UX process into your Agile (Dave Watts, Bassel Kateeb)POPULAR F4

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CANCELLED: Can a dancing elephant be Agile? - The IBM Agile transformation story! (Phil Abernathy) Wekiwa 1&2 Avoiding the Pitfalls of Capitalizing Software in an Agile World (Paul Argiry) Wekiwa 7&8 The SDLC - Changing the World of Work to Create Business Agility (Matt Anderson, Stephen Denning)Popular F1 Agile Transformations Explained (Mike Cottmeyer)POPULAR Wekiwa 3&4 Imposter Syndrome: Innovation Killer Among Us? (Part 2) (Audacious Salonnaire) Suwannee 11&12 Mindful Agile: Listen like Buddha, build leaders like a 'BOSS' (Todd Wilson, John Nicol)POPULAR H3 Double Aces: Positive Psychology Research that Solves Problems and Boosts Team Performance (Pete Oliver-Krueger)POPULAR I2 Missing the point with Backlog Item Estimation (Chris Li)POPULAR I1 Abuser Stories: Think Like the Bad Guy and Pull Security Forward (Judy Neher) F2 Not Technical? Not a Problem! Introducing Engineering Practices Without Being Hands-On (Allison Pollard, Pradeepa Narayanaswamy)POPULAR Wekiwa 9&10 DevOps the mass extinction of manual processes (Bill Roberts, James La Spada) F4 Scaling Such Great Heights: Salesforce's 11 Year Agile Story (Tamsen Mitchell)POPULAR H2 Leading From Within an Agile Team (Selena Delesie)POPULAR I3 Organizational Neurobiology and Fitness (Olaf Lewitz, Christine Neidhardt) H4 Delivering Compelling Products through Progressive Portfolio Refinement (Jorgen Hesselberg) I4 One Metric to Rule Them All: Effectively Measure Your Teams Without Subjugating Them (Cheryl Hammond)POPULAR H1 Stalwarts - Alistair Cockburn (Alistair Cockburn)POPULAR Wekiwa 5 Writing better BDD scenarios (Seb Rose, Gaspar Nagy) F3 Agile UX with Lego (Samantha Laing, Angie Doyle)POPULAR Wekiwa 6

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