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Wednesday, August 9





Automation test - 20 years after... (Marcelo Walter) Wekiwa 1&2 Agile Software Development without Software (Doug Rose) Wekiwa 3&4 Hire Great People for Agile Teams using Interview Games (Jason Tice) F2 What is Agile's role in social political movements? Suwannee 11&12 Psychology of Coaching: Understanding Science of Change (Pavel Dabrytski) H4 That Will Never Work: Giving Feedback that Sparks Brilliance in Others (Kara Minotti Becker) I4 Fluent in Team Culture: The First Shift in Achieving Agility (Diana Larsen, Bonnie Aumann) I1 Think Before You Hack: Agile as Fieldwork (Elinor Slomba) Wekiwa 9&10 Defining Value: Perspective Is Everything! (Angela Wick) H1 Legendary Adventures in Legacy Code (David Laribee) F3 From DevOps to DevSecOps - Application security for a Lean/Agile/DevOps environment (Larry Maccherone) I3 Stop Using Waterfall Goals: How OKR can help you focus on Value instead of features (Felipe Castro) H3 You can do better than the Spotify Model (Joakim Sundén, Catherine Peck-Phillips) F4 Agile Leadership Strategies: Winning the War on Complexity (Derek W. Wade) H2 Asking over Telling: Using humble enquiry to build trust and do great work (Ellen Grove, Bruce Scharlau) Wekiwa 7&8 Epic Rap Battle of Agility - Bring Fun Back to Learning (Joe Ziadeh, Jolene Jangles) I2 Portfolio Visualization and Prioritization for Business Agility - Workshop (Bob Payne, George Dinwiddie) F1 Stalwarts - Lisa Crispin (Lisa Crispin) Wekiwa 5 Three Practices for Paying Ongoing Attention to System Qualities (Rebecca Wirfs-Brock) Wekiwa 6



Brainwriting: The Team Hack To Generating Better Ideas (Chris Murman) Wekiwa 1&2 Agile’s Future? Skepticism. (Tomas Kejzlar, Fred Williams) Wekiwa 3&4 To Estimate AND Not To Estimate - going beyond #NoEstimates Suwannee 11&12 Fragile Agile: Coaching a Tired Team (Anna Obukhova) H2 Excel at Change: The Hidden Differentiator (Jeff Nielsen) H4 High Performing Teams: Want to watch one in action? Absolutely! (Bryan Miles) Wekiwa 7&8 Develop Better Products by Understanding Jobs-to-be-Done (Ozlem Yuce) F1 Transformational Innovation : How Agile Methods can Benefit from Systems Thinking (Kishau Rogers) F4 Disciplined Agile Master Class: Agile for the Enterprise (Scott Ambler, Mark Lines) I3 Humanizing Large Scaled Transformations FTW! (Nivia Henry) Wekiwa 9&10 On Track: The ART of avoiding a Train Wreck (Em Campbell-Pretty) I2 Change Artist Super Powers: Leading Change in an Agile Manner (Esther Derby) I1 Experimental Agile (David Wallace) I4 How to create a learning culture that fosters growth to enable craftsmanship (Maarten Kossen) H1 The Ultimate Agile Mix Tape (Tommy Norman) H3 When Worlds Collide: When Agile Teams Meet Rigid Organizational Process (Ian Eshelman, Cindy Hembrock) F3 Agile Product Thinking: Stalwarts talk with Jeff Patton (Jeff Patton) Wekiwa 5 Use Tables to Drive out Ambiguity/Redundancy, Discover Scenarios, and Solve World Hunger (Ken Pugh) F2 UX and Service Design at the Front-End for IT Projects to Improve Quality and Alignment (Robert Frohman, Melanie St James) Wekiwa 6