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Wednesday, August 9

7:30am EDT

8:00am EDT

8:30am EDT

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Leading an Agile Team in a Hierarchical Asian culture with Happiness (Alexandre Cuva) Wekiwa 1&2 Agile in Context: The Cynefin Framework, the Three-Circle Model, and the Future of Agile (Daniel Walsh) Wekiwa 3&4POPULAR Faster Food and a Better Place to Sleep: Applying Agile Outside Software (Mike Cottmeyer) I1POPULAR What would it take for us to move from 'technical debt' to 'technical health?' (Part 2) (Audacious Salonnaire) Suwannee 11&12Popular The Power of Play - Coaching Teams to Play at Work (Laura Powers) I3POPULAR How to Reboot Your Agile Team! (Maurizio Mancini, Martin Lapointe) Wekiwa 6POPULAR The Big Agile Draw: Getting People to the Whiteboard (Gary Greenwood, Mark Lotter) I2Popular Design Patterns Thinking and Architecture at Scale (Al Shalloway) I4POPULAR Software Development Waste (Results from Evidence-Based Research) (Todd Sedano) Wekiwa 7&8Popular Time Theft - How Hidden & Unplanned Work Commit the Perfect Crime (Dominica DeGrandis) H3POPULAR Future-Backwards: Lessons Learned from Scaling Agile (Laura Burke, Mary Thorn) F1POPULAR Catalytic Leadership (Paul Boos) Wekiwa 9&10POPULAR Positively Productive (Judith Mills) H4 The ROI of Learning Hour (Llewellyn Falco) F4 Finding the First Slice (Richard Lawrence) F3Popular One Portfolio Progress Report across All Project Types - It Can be Done! (Geri Winters) H1POPULAR Product Ownership, Planning & Learning: Growing Product Oriented Teams & Companies (David Hussman) Wekiwa 5POPULAR Building Agility into regulated mobile software testing projects (JeanAnn Harrison) H2 Collaborating uncertainty out of your designs with the new UX Runway (Natalie Warnert) F2

11:00am EDT

11:30am EDT

12:00pm EDT

1:30pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Automation test - 20 years after... (Marcelo Walter) Wekiwa 1&2Popular Agile Software Development without Software (Doug Rose) Wekiwa 3&4 Hire Great People for Agile Teams using Interview Games (Jason Tice) F2POPULAR What is Agile's role in social political movements? (Part 1) (Audacious Salonnaire) Suwannee 11&12 CANCELLED: That Will Never Work: Giving Feedback that Sparks Brilliance in Others (Kara Minotti Becker) I4 Psychology of Coaching: Understanding Science of Change (Pavel Dabrytski) H4POPULAR Fluent in Team Culture: The First Shift in Achieving Agility (Diana Larsen, Bonnie Aumann) I1POPULAR Think Before You Hack: Agile as Fieldwork (Elinor Slomba) Wekiwa 9&10 Defining Value: Perspective Is Everything! (Angela Wick) H1POPULAR Legendary Adventures in Legacy Code (David Laribee) F3 From DevOps to DevSecOps - Application security for a Lean/Agile/DevOps environment (Larry Maccherone) I3 Stop Using Waterfall Goals: How OKR can help you focus on Value instead of features (Felipe Castro) H3POPULAR You can do better than the Spotify Model (Joakim Sundén, Catherine Peck-Phillips) F4POPULAR Agile Leadership Strategies: Winning the War on Complexity (Derek W. Wade) H2POPULAR Asking over Telling: Using humble enquiry to build trust and do great work (Ellen Grove, Bruce Scharlau) Wekiwa 7&8POPULAR Epic Rap Battle of Agility - Bring Fun Back to Learning (Joe Ziadeh, Jolene Jangles) I2Popular Portfolio Visualization and Prioritization for Business Agility - Workshop (Bob Payne, George Dinwiddie) F1POPULAR Stalwarts - Lisa Crispin (Lisa Crispin) Wekiwa 5Popular Three Practices for Paying Ongoing Attention to System Qualities (Rebecca Wirfs-Brock) Wekiwa 6

2:45pm EDT

3:15pm EDT

3:45pm EDT

Brainwriting: The Team Hack To Generating Better Ideas (Chris Murman) Wekiwa 1&2POPULAR Agile’s Future? Skepticism. (Tomas Kejzlar, Fred Williams) Wekiwa 3&4 No Complaints...Upside Only: Good News about the Agile Movement from Agile Veterans (Audacious Salonnaire, Audacious Salonnaire) Suwannee 11&12 Fragile Agile: Coaching a Tired Team (Anna Obukhova) H2POPULAR Excel at Change: The Hidden Differentiator (Jeff Nielsen) H4 High Performing Teams: Want to watch one in action? Absolutely! (Bryan Miles) Wekiwa 7&8POPULAR Develop Better Products by Understanding Jobs-to-be-Done (Ozlem Yuce) F1 Transformational Innovation : How Agile Methods can Benefit from Systems Thinking (Kishau Rogers) F4 Disciplined Agile Master Class: Agile for the Enterprise (Scott Ambler, Mark Lines) I3POPULAR Humanizing Large Scaled Transformations FTW! (Nivia Henry) Wekiwa 9&10POPULAR On Track: The ART of avoiding a Train Wreck (Em Campbell-Pretty) I2Popular Change Artist Super Powers: Leading Change in an Agile Manner (Esther Derby) I1POPULAR Experimental Agile (David Wallace) I4 How to create a learning culture that fosters growth to enable craftsmanship (Maarten Kossen) H1 The Ultimate Agile Mix Tape (Tommy Norman) H3 When Worlds Collide: When Agile Teams Meet Rigid Organizational Process (Ian Eshelman, Cindy Hembrock) F3POPULAR Agile Product Thinking: Stalwarts talk with Jeff Patton (Jeff Patton) Wekiwa 5POPULAR Use Tables to Drive out Ambiguity/Redundancy, Discover Scenarios, and Solve World Hunger (Ken Pugh) F2 UX and Service Design at the Front-End for IT Projects to Improve Quality and Alignment (Robert Frohman, Melanie St James) Wekiwa 6

4:30pm EDT

5:30pm EDT

6:30pm EDT

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