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Thursday, August 10

7:30am EDT

8:00am EDT

8:30am EDT

9:00am EDT

Eating my Own Dogfood: From Enterprise Coach to Team Member (Sean Dunn) Wekiwa 1&2Popular Iterative Ethics: Can our moral compass be agile? (Will McNelis) Wekiwa 3&4 Don’t write that cheque! It’s time to ditch big upfront funding. (Linda Luu) Wekiwa 5POPULAR Ethics and Innovation in Software Development: Hope in the Agile Movement? (Part 1) (Audacious Salonniere) Suwannee 11&12 Coaching where you live: An internal coach’s perspective on how to thrive (Jennifer Honermann) Wekiwa 7&8POPULAR Moral Foundations Theory: to help address conflict (Linda Rising) I1POPULAR Continuous Improvement for Product Management (Melissa Perri) I2POPULAR The 5 Dimensions of great products (Valerio Zanini) F3 Containerize your Enthusiasm: Docker & Containers as a path to Scaling Agile and DevOps (Anders Wallgren, Avantika Mathur) Wekiwa 6POPULAR Everything Object-Oriented Design Taught Me About Leadership (Daniel Davis) F4 The pursuit of DevOps: 3 unique Microsoft journeys leading to a customer-focused path (Martina Hiemstra) F1 Agile Transformations Beyond Teams (Bill DeVoe) H2POPULAR Putting the Customer First in Enterprise Agile Frameworks (Christopher Ruch) Wekiwa 9&10POPULAR Agile Leadership – Understanding the “Power” of “Influence” (Kate Megaw, Anu Smalley) I3POPULAR Immersive (Dojo) and Enterprise Coaching 2.0 - Evolving Beyond Immersive Learning (Christopher Schwartz, Travis Klinker) I4Popular Agile BA Practices using The Guide to Business Analysis (Joy Beatty, David Bieg) H3 Stalwarts - Lyssa Adkins (Lyssa Adkins) H4POPULAR How ATDD Fixed Your Agile Flow (John Riley) F2 Accessibility: Is it another checkbox to be ticked? (Ann Mwangi) H1 Agile Alliance Initiatives Panzacola G1 Agile Alliance Lounge Open Panzacola G1

9:45am EDT

10:15am EDT

10:30am EDT

10:45am EDT

Partnering to Improve Usability (Krystina Edwards) Wekiwa 1&2 Naughty or Nice, Santa's spreading Agile Marketing Advice (Kim Brainard) H1 Ethics and Innovation in Software Development: Hope in the Agile Movement? (Part 2) (Audacious Salonnaire, Audacious Salonnaire) Suwannee 11&12 Sustainable Coaching - Maintain Your Passion (Julie Smith, Jessica Schroeder) Wekiwa 7&8POPULAR It's Not Just About Culture: Co-creating an Awesome Agile Climate in an Imperfect World (Laura Powers) I3POPULAR Clarifying Development Decision-Making with Design Challenges (Michael Feathers) Wekiwa 9&10 Unit Test Abstraction: Crafting Sustainable Tests (Jeff Langr) H3 CANCELLED: Defining the MVP for an Agile Continuous Deployment Strategy (Elizabeth Woodward) F2 Designing your Transformation Roadmap (Skip Angel) I4POPULAR HR Performance Management ~ How do we Solve Enterprise Agile's Biggest Impediment Yet? (Dan Sloan) F3Popular Leading Thinking People (Tim Ottinger) Wekiwa 6POPULAR Mastering self-organization (Hendrik Esser) F4POPULAR Growing Internal Trainers and Coaches (Karen Greaves, Kelley Cooper) I2POPULAR Lightning Talks Wekiwa 3&4 Drive Executive Alignment on Agile Priorities at Scale (Stephanie Allen, Chris Coffman) H4Popular Prioritization – 10 different techniques for optimizing what to start next (Troy Magennis) I1POPULAR API Testing FUNdamentals (JoEllen Carter, Dan Gilkerson) Wekiwa 5Popular The Build That Cried Broken: Building Trust in Your Continuous Integration Tests (Angie Jones) F1 Spreading the Love: 8 Ways to Magnify the Impact of User Research (Elizabeth Ayer) H2

11:00am EDT

11:30am EDT

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1:30pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

IT Risk Management Framework - The missing jigsaw piece in your Agile Transformation (Chris Matts, Tony Grout) I2 Value Every 2 Weeks with Improvement Slicing and Incremental Improvement Boards (Jake Calabrese) I4Popular What is Agile's role in social political movements? (Part 2) (Audacious Salonnaire) Suwannee 11&12 The 3 hour Tour: Designing Workshops That Avoid a Stay on Gilligan’s Island (Billie Schuttpelz, Melody Yale) I1POPULAR Up a creek without a paddle: MacGyver's guide to coaching (Rita Emmons) Wekiwa 5POPULAR Dynamic Reteaming: The Art & Wisdom of Changing Teams (Heidi Helfand) H2POPULAR Mob Programming: a Live Action Role Playing Game (Willem Larsen) F2 How to train your HiPPO (Joshua Arnold) Wekiwa 9&10POPULAR Scaffolding a legacy app with BDD scenarios using SpecFlow/Cucumber (Gaspar Nagy) Wekiwa 7&8 Technical Debt Is A Systemic Problem, Not A Personal Failing (Tom Grant) I3 CD for DBs: Database Deployment Strategies (Chris Fulton) F3 Rising above Failure: An Interactive Case Study in Scaling Agile (Steve Martin) H1Popular What’s in your role? Elevating the Scrum Master role at Capital One (Marie Dingess, Jennifer Honermann) F4POPULAR Accelerating Good Decisions: Using Kanban for Distributed Cognition (Trent Hone) Wekiwa 1&2POPULAR For a fresh perspective on team leadership look to the drummer. What? (john ryskowski) H4 CANCELLED: Dark Learning: An Agile Approach to Enterprise Learning (Elizabeth Woodward) Wekiwa 6 How Software Craftsmanship Facilitates Disruptive Innovation (Rob Myers) H3 Lightning Talks Wekiwa 3&4 Impact Mapping - How to Make Value-Driven Prioritization a Reality (Mathias Eifert) F1POPULAR

3:15pm EDT

3:45pm EDT

How Agile can Data-Focused Teams Really Be? Should we just give up? (Audacious Salonniere) Suwannee 11&12Popular What I've learned from 10+ years of evaluating Agile consultants and coaches (Jason Yip) F2POPULAR AMA: Gender and Sexuality (Bonnie Aumann) Wekiwa 5 Patterns from child psychology to build safety in teams: the Circle of Security framework (Matthew Hodgson, Mia Horrigan) Wekiwa 9&10POPULAR Self-Forming Teams: A Facilitator's Guide to Transforming the Organization and Culture (Adam Hsu, Gabe Abella) Wekiwa 6POPULAR Data is my co-pilot, effective ways to manage product portfolios using data... (Adam Yuret) F3 There is such a thing as too much customer feedback (and it's killing your MVP!) (Natalie Warnert) H2Popular Knowing what bad code looks like (Llewellyn Falco) I1 The First Five Stories (Rob Gordick) F4 Infrastructure Patterns for Continuous Delivery (Nicolas Paez) F1 Prepare Your Software Development for 2020 (Israel Gat) I4 When Worlds Collide: Regulatory Compliance meets Lean-Agile Development (Stephen Mayner, Harry Koehnemann) H4 An Appreciative Agile Mindset (Shawn Boockoff, John Eisenschmidt) Wekiwa 1&2POPULAR Evolving Agile Leadership at Riot Games. A Story of Challenging Convention (Ahmed Sidky) I3POPULAR Introduction To Kanban (Prateek Singh, Daniel Vacanti) I2POPULAR Lightning Talks Wekiwa 3&4 If you need to start a project, you’ve already failed - #NoProjects (Shane Hastie, Evan Leybourn) H1POPULAR The #NoEstimates Movement (Ryan Ripley) H3POPULAR Mapping Experiences (David Hendee) Wekiwa 7&8Popular

7:00pm EDT

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